EO'céan Crèmes embody Distinct Botanicals from Paradise.

Let EO'céan Crème sink its nutrients of vitamins into the depths of skin. Experience Essential Oil Extravagance for the Skin!

*Limited Quantities Available!


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  • EO'céan Crèmes

    Sink the Sensations of Essentials Oils into the Depths of Skin!

    EO'céan Crèmes 
  • Soap Collection

    The Standards, the Specialties, and the Variety of BARR's Bars.

  • Essential Oil Collection

    The origins of BARR's Bars aromas all begin from these compositions of Essential Oils.

  • Essential Oil Mist Collection

    Where the aromas of BARR's Bars create the desired aura around you.

    Mist Sprays 
  • The Extra Collection

    Beyond the suds of BARR's Bars, extra products are available.

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