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*Limited Edition* Glassware

Cleveland Guardian Pint Glass, Automobile (SW)

Cleveland Guardian Pint Glass, Automobile (SW)

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Guardian Design

Cleveland Guardian Glass

Shown as a pair, but can only be purchased one at-a-time. Each of these glasses are double-sided, with a Unique design of Cleveland Guardians on each side.

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The Guardians are one of the most Iconic Cleveland sculptures of art. Located on the Hope Memorial Bridge stand 2 pairs of statues, at each end of the viaduct. Each of the 4 statues embody a unique design. The Eastern pair of statues face the dawn, the beginning of time, or the earliest modes of transportation, one might say. Those automobiles are both the Wagon and the Conestoga. The Western pair of statues face the dusk, the end of time, or the most progressive modes of transportation. Of course, that interpretation is left up to one's own mind. The Western Automobiles are both the Stagecoach and the Automobile.

Facing inwards to each other are the Construction Vehicles.

Grab one of your favorite Guardian Statues, or order the Complete Set of these Cleveland Icons before they sell out!

NE* = NorthEast: Wagon + Tanker

SE* = SouthEast: Conestoga + Coal Truck

NW* = NorthWest: Stagecoach + Compartment Truck

SW* = SouthWest: Automobile + Woodie

5-3/4" tall Pint Glass. Laser-Engraved.

*Dishwasher Safe.

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